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I’m a self taught photographer and most of my pictures are landscape shots. I enjoy spending the time to capture a beautiful scene, and also more than happy to share them with people. I bought my first SLR in 1999, it was a Canon Rebel. My first landscape picture was up on Eagle Rock, Alum Rock Park.

Photography has been my space to express my feelings and view points. I am interested especially in B&W pictures. In an Ansel Adams video I watched, it explained that a piano has a full set of keys for the pianist perform with and the photographer should be able to play the full spectrum of tones on his B&W picture. But for some scenes, it needs to be express in color, and I will try to preserve the nature color when I take the shot. I don’t take much man-made landscape pictures. There are two main reasons;

  1. Man-made lag of the element of surprise, the buildings and “landscape” are well planned and design for human use.
  2. Nature is ever changing and very much “alive”, Example; clouds, water, trees.

The whole objective of my landscape pictures are to show all the “city” people of how important is to keep/protect our earth. I grew up in a city where trees are “planed” and flowers are “design” to look good and everything is about productivity. When I started photography, I realized how much I missed out in “life”. In short, nature itself is a form of art.

I am also interested in portrait and wedding photography. I believe I have a good eye for angles and I like using natural light (outdoor). I will do TFCD when time allows.

If you are interest in ordering a print or exchange some photography ideas, please feel free to drop me a email:

Or leave me a message at 1-(408) 673-0002

Here are some of my artworks,

My favorite photography location is Yosemite National Park. It is about an 5 hours drive from San Jose, California. The view itself is breath taking, it makes you wants to capture it and put it in the living room.

My next favorite location will be Alum Rock Park. This park is the most wonderful natural park in San Jose. It has both historical value and scenic trail. I usually goes there in the morning. Each season and time of day, the park will appear differently.

Bay Area, California, U.S.A

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