By X-Mun

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock

Alum Rock Park, founded in 1872. I love this park very much. It has a strong history and a good range of wild life living in the park. Most of all the landscape is just beautiful. I would like to divide the park into three major section for my pictures.

Eagle Rock is one of the common trail that everyone would take. On the top, you are able to see the whole view of San Jose. If you are more of a hiker, you will take the other trail that goes all the way up into Boccardo Trail. Both these trails gave me a good scene of open space landscape. But if the sun is too strong for the day, I will go further into the end of park. Passed YSI and explore the trail that leads me through the old remains of spring and the walk along Penitencia Creek.

The park itself appear differently through out the time of the year. During the summer season the grass are all dried, which gives the golden color on the mountains. As the fall arrived, some of the bush leaves turn red and the color just stands out from the golden grass.

After the Halloween, the trail passing through the old springs, the leaves of trees started to change its color. Wild turkeys are seen almost everywhere.

When the rainy season hits the park, the creek is filled up and the sound of the water is so refreshing. I love to drop by the park for pictures after the rain, the color is so rich. Well, hiking up the mountain might be a problem after the heavy rain.

As Spring comes, the park is filled up with “life”. Deers are seen everywhere, looking for food and getting a drink from the creek. The trees are blooming with flowers.

Of course, there are reported sighting of mountain lions and wild cats. Overall, it is a beautiful park and hope that it will stay beautiful and safe for a long long time.


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